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What to do for a Test Shoot

A test shoot is a photo shoot with a professional photographer which is only to be used for the purpose of everyone involved ( Model, Photographer, Hair-make up, Stylist) Portfolio. Before a test shoot I recommend having  all parties involved sign a waiver. 

Why have them sign a waiver? There are many cases where your test shoot photo may find its way in a magazine, sold as a poster, or put on a billboard. If you are new to modeling you may think this is a great thing! That’s what you dream of, to be in a magazine or put on a billboard! It can be great if you are being compensated for the use of that photo and the photo is being used in a positive image. You wouldn’t be so happy if your test shoot photo turned up on a billboard for a phone sex company without your consent.

The naive model trusts the photographer and everyone involved. It’s ok to trust but let’s be safe. I would have benefitted on many occasions to have them sign a waiver yet had never even thought of it. This has cost me around $100,000. So type up a waiver declaring the photos taken will only be used for their personal portfolio unless otherwise discussed with you beforehand and have everyone sign it for your records.

Make sure you have everything you might need for the test shoot the night before. Find out if there will be a stylist, hair and make up artist there. Usually the Photographer sets up the team. If everyone is already arranged and they don’t ask you to bring anything than all you need to do is show up. I like to get a pedicure and manicure before a test shoot with natural colors just because nails are a small detail test shoots usually overlook. Also, incase they do want to see your feet in sandals you wont feel embarrassed about your overgrown toe nails.  

However, there are some occasions when there is no stylist or hair-make up. If that’s the case for your test shoot, that you must do the styling and your own make up, ask the photographer where the photo’s will be taken and the idea he has. Then come up with the image you want for the pictures and collaborate with him. When its a photo shoot like this one, most likely a clean picture to show your natural beauty will come out nice.

Keeping hair and make up simple and natural is usually best. Barely there is key when doing it yourself. Trying too much with your own make up and hair usually never turns up good in photo’s since you are not a professional hair and make up artist. A little concealer around the eyes, to cover any blemish or discoloration, light mascara and some lip gloss should do the job.

If there is no stylist, wardrobe is yours and the photographers choice. An easy choice could be a pair of jeans and a tank top. The image there could be a simple jeans campaign, think Gap, Calvin Klien or American Eagle. Another choice if the photo is taken outside in day light could be an airy blouse with a feather weight skirt or trousers which move with the breeze. Think of ads for perfume or jewelry where the models seem to be in a tropical exotic place. The sky is blue and the wardrobe is lite.

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Model Portfolio

A models portfolio consists of pictures taken by professional photographers of the model to showcase to potential clients. Sometimes models will get hired from a picture alone without ever meeting the client first so it is necessary to have the best pictures possible.

If you are just starting out and do not have any professional pictures, sometimes a few Polaroid snapshots are enough to win over an agency. If a good modeling agency wants for you to model with them and you do not have a portfolio, they will begin to create one with you for ZERO cost to you. They will start to send you for test shoots. This means a free photo shoot where the resulting photo’s will be used for the sole purpose of the model and anyone else involved in the shoot’s (photographer, stylist, hair-make up) portfolio.

Once you get the photo’s from the test shoots and begin to book jobs, your portfolio will grow. The better the photos the higher your potential is to book better and better jobs. The better the jobs you begin to book and have in your portfolio the more chance you have to book an even bigger job.

What you think are great photos may not be to the fashion world. You may like your hair flipped to one side. You may like your make up the way you always do it. You may look great that way but for the purpose of booking certain jobs your way might be the wrong way. To find out what’s the right way to look in photos, search again into your natural self. Search through magazines, catalogs and find out where your picture could blend in. Figure out what jobs you will be going after and see if your photos match that company’s image.

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What every model needs

Beauty is not about being perfect. There is no such thing as perfect. If you keep trying to reach perfection the outcome will be disappointment. Every model needs to bring their own unique self. What makes you fabulous?Accentuate on what makes you unique.

Figuring out what makes oneself unique from the rest may be difficult for most, but everyone is unique. Maybe its your dark dramatic eyes or your long silky hair that comes down to your hips or maybe it’s your pouty lips. Are you the rebel with a cause or the free spirit hippie? Have a sense of yourself. Be confident with who you are and it’s then easy to be flexible and open to new ideas. Confidence does not mean ignorance or arrogance. You can fake confidence but that will most likely keep you unsettled. With fake confidence you can fool others and you could get many jobs but you can never fool yourselsf. This will most likely have you being jealous or afraid that you may loose or it be taken away. This type of mentality is negative and harmful. Without true confidence you can not reach complete happiness and peace. True confidence is a feeling of peace, when you take everything as is, and you have the strength to overcome what you can not change and the strength to change what you can.

Develop your core to be strong and confident. How to build confidence? Confidence comes from knowledge in the subject at hand. In the case of modeling knowing everything about your body, how it moves, how it looks in different poses and your walk is dire. Confidence also comes from knowing that you are unique and knowing what you can bring to a job.

Every model needs to be equipped with themselves. That’s your most powerful weapon. Show up with confidence and the knowledge of knowing yourself. And that’s something no one can ever take away from you, whether you get that job or not. There will always be another audition, another job just around the corner. So, figure out who you are. Figure out your own personal style. Figure out what and when you are at your most natural state of beauty. Then, just go with it.

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Getting the Perfect Body

There’s no such thing as the perfect body.! Everyone has a different body. That’s why there is different types of models. Once you have figured out what type of model body you are, (plus size, runway, fit, etc..) try to be the best of that genre. For instance, if you are about 5’11 and a size 6 ask yourself these questions: Are you the healthiest you can be? Do you exercise and eat as healthy as possible?

If you answered yes than you might be better to go toward being a fit model. Fit models are toned, in shape with tight bodies. You can find them on magazines such as Shape, advertisements for sports wear, and you can make a fine living.

If you answered no than eat a lot healthier and see if those pounds drop. Do not starve yourself! That is the misconception some people have. They think they have to starve themselves in order to lose weight. That is not the case at all. Eating healthier means a total life style change. You will have more energy, be less depressive, feel great, and most likely live much longer when you eat the right way. Dropping to a size 4-2 will bring you to runway.

If you are 5’11 and your body is larger than the average, you would be good for Plus size modeling. In todays fashion scene there is a lot of opportunity for Plus size models and the possibilities are endless.

If height is the issue for you, that isn’t a problem either. Models who are 5’8 have just as much opportunity as taller models.

If you are shorter than 5’8 the opportunity will be limited however there is still chances. Petite models are usually from 5’4-5’7 and there are agencies that represent the petite model. However if you have a unique look or luck is on your side, as with all the other genres, you can have the same opportunity as the 5’11 model. Models such as Kate Moss, Devon Aoki, Twiggy, are all 5’6 and look at their careers!

So the good news: whatever your body type is, it’s perfect! You will figure out what your natural body type is by closely listening to it. If you were born 5’4 and you have stopped growing most likely you will never be 5’11. That’s ok. How can you be the best 5’4 you can be? Look at your skin, look at your stomach, look at your thighs and lets work on making our bodies the best it can be. If you are 180 pounds and feel great, than that is perfect for you. But if you are 180 pounds and were once 120, maybe the 180 isn’t your natural weight. Did you have more energy when you were 120? Being healthy is the most important thing. Mind and Body. So, lets work on that and you will find the model inside of you.

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Elite Model Management Japan


The office of Elite Model Management in Japan is much smaller than anywhere else. It’s run by only a few Japanese staff with only a few models. However, almost all there models get well-known in the industry and Elite Japan is considered a Top agency there. The Models are known to be paid higher than the competitor agencies.

A day in the life would be a stop at the agency to say “Hi” to all the great agents there. I would be dropped off at a photo shoot and a month later, there I would appear on stands throughout Japan on a Magazine.

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Famous Japanese Actress Takeuchi Yuko

We had a lovely house party with the Very famous Japanese Actress Takeuchi Yuko. It was featured in FRaU magazine in Japan.

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To Begin…

Are you interested in being a model or just fascinated with models, fashion and the industry? Do you want to create, showcase or simply learn a fierce attitude models seem to display on the runway? Various Fashion comes from an artistic depth that I am so privileged to showcase as a model. Fashion can reveal one’s inner soul, desires, fears or it can just be plain ‘ol fun.

Before you set out on any path to the destination of  your desire, make sure it’s what you really want. Not knowing what I really wanted lead me to make several bad choices and dishonest decisions throughout my life thus far. I am changing this because I now know what I really want. Save yourself the pain. Do what you love and really want to do. If modeling is what you love and want to do it’s going to take perseverance.

Modeling as a career is a place where everyone is looking at you and judging your appearance and for the most part people have different opinions on beauty. Often times its hard for people to see beauty because they are blinded by the chaos of their thoughts. Very few people can find from within the depths of silence where true beauty lay awaiting.

Modeling is not all the time fun and glamorous. It can be, but it can also be hard work. Once you agree to do a job, the job could start as early as 4am and they can keep you as long as they want. I’ve had jobs that lasted until the next day. If you are lucky enough to work job after job it can be tiring. Some jobs require you to stand in a bikini in the middle of Mt. Fuji while it’s snowing and others in layers of leather and fur in the middle of an August heat wave. You must physically be prepared to take on every challenge a job may require.

Modeling can be mentally draining. There is no set schedule like you would have at a normal job. You have to know how to spend your down time without getting restless. Most models don’t work everyday and instead its audition after new audition. Auditions are endless and rejection is almost certain. In any entertainment field if being rejected doesn’t fuel your fire, most likely your fire will burn out.

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