To Begin…

23 Feb

Are you interested in being a model or just fascinated with models, fashion and the industry? Do you want to create, showcase or simply learn a fierce attitude models seem to display on the runway? Various Fashion comes from an artistic depth that I am so privileged to showcase as a model. Fashion can reveal one’s inner soul, desires, fears or it can just be plain ‘ol fun.

Before you set out on any path to the destination of  your desire, make sure it’s what you really want. Not knowing what I really wanted lead me to make several bad choices and dishonest decisions throughout my life thus far. I am changing this because I now know what I really want. Save yourself the pain. Do what you love and really want to do. If modeling is what you love and want to do it’s going to take perseverance.

Modeling as a career is a place where everyone is looking at you and judging your appearance and for the most part people have different opinions on beauty. Often times its hard for people to see beauty because they are blinded by the chaos of their thoughts. Very few people can find from within the depths of silence where true beauty lay awaiting.

Modeling is not all the time fun and glamorous. It can be, but it can also be hard work. Once you agree to do a job, the job could start as early as 4am and they can keep you as long as they want. I’ve had jobs that lasted until the next day. If you are lucky enough to work job after job it can be tiring. Some jobs require you to stand in a bikini in the middle of Mt. Fuji while it’s snowing and others in layers of leather and fur in the middle of an August heat wave. You must physically be prepared to take on every challenge a job may require.

Modeling can be mentally draining. There is no set schedule like you would have at a normal job. You have to know how to spend your down time without getting restless. Most models don’t work everyday and instead its audition after new audition. Auditions are endless and rejection is almost certain. In any entertainment field if being rejected doesn’t fuel your fire, most likely your fire will burn out.

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