What every model needs

27 Feb

Beauty is not about being perfect. There is no such thing as perfect. If you keep trying to reach perfection the outcome will be disappointment. Every model needs to bring their own unique self. What makes you fabulous?Accentuate on what makes you unique.

Figuring out what makes oneself unique from the rest may be difficult for most, but everyone is unique. Maybe its your dark dramatic eyes or your long silky hair that comes down to your hips or maybe it’s your pouty lips. Are you the rebel with a cause or the free spirit hippie? Have a sense of yourself. Be confident with who you are and it’s then easy to be flexible and open to new ideas. Confidence does not mean ignorance or arrogance. You can fake confidence but that will most likely keep you unsettled. With fake confidence you can fool others and you could get many jobs but you can never fool yourselsf. This will most likely have you being jealous or afraid that you may loose or it be taken away. This type of mentality is negative and harmful. Without true confidence you can not reach complete happiness and peace. True confidence is a feeling of peace, when you take everything as is, and you have the strength to overcome what you can not change and the strength to change what you can.

Develop your core to be strong and confident. How to build confidence? Confidence comes from knowledge in the subject at hand. In the case of modeling knowing everything about your body, how it moves, how it looks in different poses and your walk is dire. Confidence also comes from knowing that you are unique and knowing what you can bring to a job.

Every model needs to be equipped with themselves. That’s your most powerful weapon. Show up with confidence and the knowledge of knowing yourself. And that’s something no one can ever take away from you, whether you get that job or not. There will always be another audition, another job just around the corner. So, figure out who you are. Figure out your own personal style. Figure out what and when you are at your most natural state of beauty. Then, just go with it.

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