Model Portfolio

28 Feb

A models portfolio consists of pictures taken by professional photographers of the model to showcase to potential clients. Sometimes models will get hired from a picture alone without ever meeting the client first so it is necessary to have the best pictures possible.

If you are just starting out and do not have any professional pictures, sometimes a few Polaroid snapshots are enough to win over an agency. If a good modeling agency wants for you to model with them and you do not have a portfolio, they will begin to create one with you for ZERO cost to you. They will start to send you for test shoots. This means a free photo shoot where the resulting photo’s will be used for the sole purpose of the model and anyone else involved in the shoot’s (photographer, stylist, hair-make up) portfolio.

Once you get the photo’s from the test shoots and begin to book jobs, your portfolio will grow. The better the photos the higher your potential is to book better and better jobs. The better the jobs you begin to book and have in your portfolio the more chance you have to book an even bigger job.

What you think are great photos may not be to the fashion world. You may like your hair flipped to one side. You may like your make up the way you always do it. You may look great that way but for the purpose of booking certain jobs your way might be the wrong way. To find out what’s the right way to look in photos, search again into your natural self. Search through magazines, catalogs and find out where your picture could blend in. Figure out what jobs you will be going after and see if your photos match that company’s image.

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