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01 Mar

There’s so many skin care products out there, it’s hard to know which ones to buy. Do any of them really work? I’ve tried hundreds of products and most  of the time I couldn’t tell any difference or change in my skins condition. However there were a few that stood out to me which had quick results.

I recommend body shops Tea tree oil face wash. Tea tree oil is known to help with pimples and acne. I’ve tried a lot of face wash but for me, this one reduced the appearance of pimples and made my skin overall feel great.

I’m also a huge fan of Jason’s Organic products. It’s mostly organic with natural ingredients and great for sensitive skin. It’s also more affordable than the competing organic products in stores. I like the Jason’s red line’s Red Clay Mask to draw out impurities in the skin and Jason’s Pure Beauty Oil to help rejuvenate and is a great moisturizer.

Organic and natural products are great because it’s simple, the less chemicals and toxins in and on your body the better. The environment a lone has so much toxins which cause damage to your skin. No need to add more.

Our environment also cause damage to our skin with the wind, cold, heat etc.. So we need to counter act the elements for our best skin condition. When our skin is dry we need to apply natural oil’s as a moisturizer which will in turn, if applied everyday when the skin is dry, reduce the development of fine lines, wrinkles and keep the skin young. When our skin is oily we need drying agents to dry the skin and protect it from absorbing all the impurities which cause acne.

First, wash face with body shops Tea tree oil face wash. This will dry the skin and protect it. Then apply Jason’s Organic Red Clay Mask to draw out the existing impurities in your skin. Your skin should feel dry yet clean. Once patting your face dry, apply a small amount of the Pure Beauty oil, rubbing it in all over your face, neck, heck anywhere you want. The Pure Beauty Oil moisturizer contains vitamines and gives it a healthy glow. No matter your skin type, dry, oily, or sensitive this routine will be great for most.


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