The model walk

06 Mar

Every model should have a killer walk. Every model should know the difference in the pace and style of walk depending on the designer or brands image. The models walk has changed from generation to generation. In the 80’s the supermodels of that time walked differently then the runway models of today.Watch clips from different fashion show and study the different variations. You can find clips easily online. Posture is important, so stand up straight as if you are being pulled by a string from your head to the sky. Open up your shoulders and chest, now just breath, focus on your breathing without breaking the posture. Relax without breaking th posture.   

If you take a look at different clips from fashion shows from all different eras, you will notice the elements all the models have in common in their walk. They all walk with confidence. Does it mean all models actually have confidence. Not at all. Many models have fake confidence or just arrogance. This can pump them up to be confident on the runway, a performance, but as I have stated in the previous pages fake confidence or arrogance can become negative and harmful to your own mental wellbeing. This type of confidence can make people mean and unkind. It’s not a pleasant way to be. Instead know why you are unique and what you can bring to your walk. Know that you have the right to be empowered. By owning the walk it will look and become effortless and natural.

An effortless and natural walk is very important for a model. Models will be dressed in all types of fashion which are anything but comfortable. However, it is your job to make all the outfits seem to fit comfortably, easy to maneuver and make the viewer feel you are gliding across the runway angelic, empowered, and fabulous.

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