Hope in the future

03 Jun

If you are already a model and your starting to feel this is no longer the career you want to do, it maybe hard to move into another career. You may not know what else you can do, or you may just feel stuck. You may even have a pride or ego that holds you back from moving forward into a new career. Again go back to making a list to help you move into the future.

Goals Worksheet

  • What do I love to do?


  • What are my hobbies? 


  • What am I really good at?  


  • What do I like to create?


  • How could I make money from my hobbies, what I love to do or what I’m really good at?


  • Is there any job I am really interested in learning more about?


  • What are my goals for the next year?


  • Who do I know who could help me in reaching my goals?


  • What are my steps to reach my year goal?


  • What have I accomplished toward my goal this month?



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