Kate Moss and Twiggy types need not apply.

15 May
Short girls need not apply. This statement would have everyone in an uproar if it was racially or ethnically  pointed. This statement is made and heard everyday at modeling agencies. “Are you 5’8 or taller?” If your answer is “No” they will usually immediately turn you away without a glance at your portfolio. Not because of your look but solely on your height.
Twiggy Lawson 5’5 or 5’6”-She was one of the World’s First Supermodel (1966-1970)

5’7 ½”-Appeared in Glamour, Marie Claire, and Nylon. Also appeared in  advertising for Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Levi Jeans. She is  also a well-known Victoria’s Secret Model
Whos the tallest here? I can’t tell their heights… but I know Kate Moss is 5’6 and a size 0 standing in the middle there.
Known as  the world’s shortest supermodel, 5’5″ Devon Aoki was the face of Versace by age 16 and on the cover of mainstream top magazines all around the world.
Short girls are discriminated against in this Industry worse than Plus size. There are only a couple who work a lot and consistently. It’s very rare and I couldn’t name and don’t know of any model below the height of 5’4 who has received a job from a mainstream company. Perhaps there are none… wow none… I think that should get attention. Should a couple of inches matter? I’ve never seen a picture or even seen someone in person who was attractive and thought “Oh they are a couple inches short that’s just awful.” I can’t tell with the pictures of the models above if they were 6′ or 5 foot. Why should it matter?
A web magazine I found were you can support the fight for equal high fashion rights for the petit model:

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