New job in a new location.

18 May

It’s hard. All the work you done in the past may seem inconsequential. No one cares you were the star of the show where you came from, they want you to prove to them why they should even like you. If you ever changed high schools when you were a kid, now the entire world may seem to be that new highschool and everyday there is a new challenge to face in the work place.

Be open to learning the new way things are done. Sometimes this may mean you need to take a new class or just be observant of your peers.

Believe that the higher powers that be want you to succeed. They are rooting for you. Do your best and there’s no need to be nervous. They want you to come in and be their solution. So do them a favor and keep showing them that you are it. They need you as much as you need them.

Find who you click with. Friendly people are everywhere. Sometimes you have to look harder for them but look and you shall find a friend.

Don’t be afraid to fail. You may get an F on one test but the finale grade is not bestowed upon you until your dead, when life’s class has ended. So, as long as you are a live, and if your reading this I assume you are a live, keep striving for that A. Sometimes extra credit is needed.

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