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New York Fashion after Hurricane Sandy, organizing for November

I haven’t been around on this blog lately. I’ve been taking on a lot and havent had time for everything. But today is November 1st and I have decide to organize my life. Take one step at a time instead of trying to do everything all at once. As someone wise said “it takes one step to head into the right direction but it will take a life time for the journey.” Since I am here for the long haul I can only take one step at a time.

With that, I have decide to write only one blog per month on the 1st of each month. Although that might not seem like enough, I can for-sure keep to that schedule without feeling overwhelmed. And hopefully deliver better posts.

Over the past months I have been MIA, the fashion world has continued to spin along. Fashion’s night out came and went, Fashion week happened all over the world and only Sweden’s fashion week is left set to happen this month, November 19-22.

I was in Tokyo during fashion week Japan and big crowds came out to celebrate Fashion’s night out. I was busy shooting some TV drama shows since I have now decided to move in the direction of an actress instead of a model. I didn’t get to participate in the shows however the vibe seemed lively.

Now I am in Los Angeles and have had to deal with much change. I feel positive about the future and yet scared at the same time. I think everyone feels this way and it’s probably the challenge this generation has to deal with.

I grew up on the east coast in New Jersey and with the destruction of my beloved beach towns and the tragic challenges everyone there has to face since this “Sandy” came flooding, and blowing away buildings it’s a sad time. I can only pray the east coast will rebuild and survive this tragedy. I know they can do it.

So at this time New Yorks fashion is at a halt. Agencies are closed since agents can’t even get out from where they are and left without electricity or heat as one of my friends who is a big shot Top Agency owner has posted all over his Facebook. In times like this everyone realizes it doesn’t matter if your rich, poor, where your from, what you look like, what your job title is, nature has no prejudice.

Everyone is hopeful that New York and the entire East Coast will be back on their feet and running better than ever in no time. Only time will tell, but we all have hope. I know I have had a few jobs canceled do to the photographers being stuck somewhere in New York. It’s a scary time. However I’m sure there will be acts of extreme kindness amongst the chaos during this time. Also, the entire industry is not closed. There are still some areas where the electricity works and the trains run. So, those business are still chugging along. Organize, rebuild and hopefully everyone can have a Thanksgiving this November. Hope these pics I found online will make you smile 🙂

2009 Jonathan Saunders Turkey dresses.

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