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Models Christmas wish List

1.) Need a New phone so I won’t miss any clients calls!
Apple iphone 5 with 16GB Memory Mobile Phone   $199.99 *  With new 2-year contract.
Unactivated Price:
  • 4″ Retina display
  • A6 chip
  • Ultrafast wireless
  • 8.0MP iSight camera
  • All-new EarPods and improved audio
  • Lightning Connector
  • iOS 6 and iCloud

Why only the 16GB? Because I’m not the type of person to need more than that on my phone and it will save me money to get more on my wish list.


heels Colin Stuart $138

winter bootReport Waldron Wedge boot, sale $84.99 Ori. $119


If you have the Money, can’t go wrong with Jimmy Choo

BaxterBaxter $1095


Jimmy chooKendall $2995.00

3.) Swimsuit for a sexy rendezvous in the Jacuzzi or a winter vacation!


Bathing suit sale $36 & $ 25

4.) Watch so I am never late for destiny.


Ladies Seiko Solar Swarovski Crystal Gold Tone Stainless Steel

Sale $279.69

Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney!!


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Fun photo shoots

thats me Here I am arrived early.

waiting room All talent waiting in the make up room.

staff setting up They are setting up.

This was for a Sony shoot in Santa Monica, CA. I got to meet a lot of great people and talent. We all had a lot of fun. It took awhile to get the set up but they did it and all the talent danced the day away. Always great to have a fun shoot 🙂

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New York Fashion after Hurricane Sandy, organizing for November

I haven’t been around on this blog lately. I’ve been taking on a lot and havent had time for everything. But today is November 1st and I have decide to organize my life. Take one step at a time instead of trying to do everything all at once. As someone wise said “it takes one step to head into the right direction but it will take a life time for the journey.” Since I am here for the long haul I can only take one step at a time.

With that, I have decide to write only one blog per month on the 1st of each month. Although that might not seem like enough, I can for-sure keep to that schedule without feeling overwhelmed. And hopefully deliver better posts.

Over the past months I have been MIA, the fashion world has continued to spin along. Fashion’s night out came and went, Fashion week happened all over the world and only Sweden’s fashion week is left set to happen this month, November 19-22.

I was in Tokyo during fashion week Japan and big crowds came out to celebrate Fashion’s night out. I was busy shooting some TV drama shows since I have now decided to move in the direction of an actress instead of a model. I didn’t get to participate in the shows however the vibe seemed lively.

Now I am in Los Angeles and have had to deal with much change. I feel positive about the future and yet scared at the same time. I think everyone feels this way and it’s probably the challenge this generation has to deal with.

I grew up on the east coast in New Jersey and with the destruction of my beloved beach towns and the tragic challenges everyone there has to face since this “Sandy” came flooding, and blowing away buildings it’s a sad time. I can only pray the east coast will rebuild and survive this tragedy. I know they can do it.

So at this time New Yorks fashion is at a halt. Agencies are closed since agents can’t even get out from where they are and left without electricity or heat as one of my friends who is a big shot Top Agency owner has posted all over his Facebook. In times like this everyone realizes it doesn’t matter if your rich, poor, where your from, what you look like, what your job title is, nature has no prejudice.

Everyone is hopeful that New York and the entire East Coast will be back on their feet and running better than ever in no time. Only time will tell, but we all have hope. I know I have had a few jobs canceled do to the photographers being stuck somewhere in New York. It’s a scary time. However I’m sure there will be acts of extreme kindness amongst the chaos during this time. Also, the entire industry is not closed. There are still some areas where the electricity works and the trains run. So, those business are still chugging along. Organize, rebuild and hopefully everyone can have a Thanksgiving this November. Hope these pics I found online will make you smile 🙂

2009 Jonathan Saunders Turkey dresses.

Go to the website to look at more turkey dresses.

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Helter Skelter Japanese Movie

I went to see this movie while here in Tokyo. It’s based off a Japanese Comic book. The movie was directed and shot by Mika Ninagawa. I shot with Miss Ninagawa many years ago. Her sense of style has not changed. Each scene of the movie looked like a photograph and was beautifully shot. This movie reminded me of certain models in the modeling world all too much. Quite scary. It’s a perfect example of what not to do as a model if you want a long lasting career. But well done.

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The New Nerd is Beautiful

The bigger the better for glasses. Bright colored rims are great! White, Pink, Purples are my favorite.


Faux Collar necklaces really transform an outfit! Mix a faux collar with a plain sweater or a lace blouse.


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Beware of Scams

Everyone gets those crazy emails, send us $1000 and we will send you $1,000,000! I thought, who would fall for these scams now-a-days!? Well some scams can seem more convincing than others. And recently I know too many people getting scammed.

Models get scammed all the time. By agents, photographers, casting. It happens all the time without many even suspecting anything wrong.


Could you spot the scam?

  •  So you wanted photos to update your portfolio. The photographer did that for you and got you some great shots all for free! You go on your happy way with these new updated great looking shots.
  1. The Problem; sometimes photographers will sell your photo to various publications without telling you or asking your permission. Your test photo could show up on an ad promoting something you are against and disagree with. Your photo could be sold for some money that would be rightfully yours.
  2. How to avoid ; Type up a simple waiver stating that these photos are only to be used for portfolio purposes unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by both parties involved. Have the photographer sign it.
  •  You don’t have an agent but you went on a casting and booked the job! The casting person tells you the job pays $1000! Your happy and excited to shoot!
  1. The Problem; If you don’t get a contract directly from whomever is actually hiring you (the client), you can’t be sure if the casting director isn’t pocketing some of that money that was meant for you. Sometimes casting will act as an Agent for a non represented person. Therefore they might be taking an agency fee from your pay.
  2. How to avoid; Ask the casting director to have the company hiring you to send a offical contract with all the details and payment stated. If they don’t do that, at least make sure there is some thing they can sign to prove you will be paid for your work. If it’s a written up form only by the casting they may be mis-representing themselves. But you don’t want to lose the job. So say OK and go and do the job. Once on set, ask the person in charge for a copy of their original contract between you and the company. Ask them if the casting director is acting as your agent. If the casting is acting as your agent without your permission they are most likely taking more than 20% of your earnings without your permission. Confront the casting directly. Most modeling agencies take a 20% cut from your earings and receive a 20% finders fee from the client for each job in the U.S. For TV acting/commercial work it’s usually 10%.
  • You have an agent and they call you to book you on jobs. You went and worked on the jobs. Your agent sent you a check in the mail. You are happy.
  1. The Problem; Some agencies tell their models the job is one price when it’s not true.
  2. How to avoid; Be as thorough as possible. Make sure they tell you exactly how much the job is, how much they will be taking out (10%~20%) and how much you are due. Ask for a copy of all contracts and keep them for your records.

Of course sometimes there are misunderstandings or exceptions.Maybe it’s not a scam. It’s best to keep an open mind and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But it’s always good to be organized and communicate clearly in order to get the best information and reduce your risk of being scammed.

My friend just the other day was scammed by one of those emails. This email was very good. Her friends email was hacked and sent her a letter saying him and his family went on a trip to Spain and got robbed. They had nothing left on them and needed some money to get back home. WIthout thinking she sent them money.

An old lady living by herself got a phone call from the hospital saying her son got hit by a car, was unconscious and had nothing on him except her number. They needed money in order to operate or he would die. She immediately sent them money.

There are scams everywhere. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s the scam. The best you can do is ask around before committing. If you get an emergency call about someone you know, once you hang up the phone try to call that person and/or someone who might be directly in contact with them (wife, girlfriend, best friend, another family member) to find out if it’s true. For the most part nothing needs to be done within the minute! Even if someone is dying at the hospital, the hospital won’t let them die because you didn’t deposit money to them this very minute.

If you are someone on the other end of things and are being put under suspicion, think what your part is. communicate in a calm manner the entire situation and how you see it’s supposed to work. Tell the full truth without aggression and there will be no suspicion. In today society with so many scams, everyone need to communicate fully and not vaguely or for good reason, you may be labeled a con.

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Supermodel evolution

  • The 60’s

Records show that these first female “supermodels” ranged in looks and heights from 5’5 Twiggy ~ 6’3 Verushka

 Verushka’s height is 6’3

 Twiggy stands at 5’5

 First Japanese “supermodel” Hiroko Matsumoto. Height unknown.

 Naomi Sims regarded as the first black supermodel.

In February 1968, an article in Glamour described 19 models as “supermodels,” of whom were: Cheryl Tiegs, Verushka, Lisa Palmer, Peggy Moffitt, Susan Murray, Twiggy, Susan Harnett, Marisa Berenson, Gretchen Harris, Heide Wiedeck, Irish Bianchi, Hiroko Matsumoto, Anne DeZagher, Kathie Carpenter, Jean Shrimpton, Jean Patchett, Benedetta Barzini, Claudia Duxbury, and Agneta Frieberg.

Naomi Sims, who is sometimes regarded as the first black supermodel, became the first African American to feature on the cover of Ladies’ Home Journal in 1968

  • The 70’s

In 1970, the model wore a very conservative long sleeve top

Sports Illustrated editor Jule Campbell abandoned then-current modeling trends for its fledgling Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue by photographing “bigger and healthier” California models[48] and printing their names by their photos, thus turning many of them into household names.

At the end of the 70's the focus is definitely more on the model and her body, but her suit still isn't super revealing

The first African American model to be on the cover of American Vogue was Beverly Johnson in 1974.

  • The 80’s


 Brook Sheilds

During the early 1980s, fashion designers began advertising on television and billboards. Catwalk regulars like Gia Carangi,[57] Cheryl Tiegs,[57] Carol Alt, Christie Brinkley,[15][58] Kim Alexis,[57] Paulina Porizkova, Brooke Shields, Heather Locklear, and Elle Macpherson began to endorse products with their names, as well as their faces, through the marketing of brands such as the beverage Diet Pepsi to the extension of car title Ford Trucks.

  • The 90’s

This is when Supermodels began to make Millions of dollars instead of thousands.

1990 began with a January British Vogue cover presenting five of the top modeling stars of the era hand-picked and photographed by Peter Lindbergh. The five models were Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, and Tatjana Patitz.[62] In 1990, their status as top models ended and a new era for the “supermodel” began.

These new Supermodels did talk shows, were cited in gossip columns, partied at the trendiest nightspots,[59] landed movie roles, inspired franchises, dated or married film stars, and earned themselves millions.[15] Fame empowered them to take charge of their careers, to market themselves, and to command higher fees.

As the 1990s progressed, the supermodels were joined by Claudia Schiffer and then Kate Moss. They were the most heavily in demand, collectively dominating magazine covers, fashion runways, editorial pages, and both print and broadcast advertising.

 Kate Moss credited with beginning the “heroin chic” look.

  • Late 90’s

Emerging in the late 1990s, Gisele Bündchen became the first in a wave of Brazilian models to gain popularity in the industry and with the public. With numerous covers of Vogue under her belt, including an issue that dubbed her the “Return of the Sexy Model,”.

 Tyra Banks

  • 2000

 Jessica Stam

 Chanel Iman

American Vogue dubbed ten models (Doutzen Kroes, Agyness Deyn, Hilary Rhoda, Raquel Zimmermann, Coco Rocha, Lily Donaldson, Chanel Iman, Sasha Pivovarova, Caroline Trentini, and Jessica Stam) as the new crop of supermodels in their May 2007 cover story. They get critisized for looking anorexic.

Again I think they got it right in the beginning. In the 1960’s they had all types of female models from 5’5 – 6’3. They had very skinny Twiggy to larger sized women as supermodels. They all had a different look and I think that’s better than just seeing the same type of models. I think fashion needs to go back to the basics.


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