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Loosing weight vs Gaining weight

It’s all hard! Maintaining the “perfect” or “ideal” body weight, while keeping healthy, for everyone is hard. Most people in America struggle with loosing weight. However, there are a lot of others who struggle with gaining. I am one of those people who struggle to gain weight. My goal is to gain 10lbs. I want to do it in a healthy way. My friend wants to lose 10lbs.  Let’s see who will get there first. How should we go about it?


To gain weight :

Eat more calories. Calculate how many calories you were eating each day. Now add at least 500 calories per day more.

To lose weight:

Eat fewer calories. Calculate how many calories you eat per day. Now decrease at least 500 calories per day.


To gain weight:

Change your eating habits. Aim for three large meals and 2-3 hefty snacks per day. Drink shakes, milk, or juice. No coffee, tea or diet anything. Focus on:

  • Breads – hearty and dense (whole wheat, oat bran, pumpernickel, rye) are more nutritious than white bread; cut thick slices and spread generously with peanut butter, jam, honey, hummus, or cream cheese.
  • Vegetables – look for starchy vegetables (potatoes, peas, corns, carrots, winter squash, beets) in addition to watery vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, green beans, cucumbers).
  • Fruit – choose dense fruit (bananas, pears, apples, pineapple, dried fruit) over watery fruit (oranges, peaches, plums, berries, watermelon).
  • Soups – Go for hearty cream soups instead of broth-based soups. If you have trouble with edema or high blood pressure you may want to avoid all store-bought soup.
  • Added oils – in cooking, add a generous amount of oil. The healthiest oils are unrefined (extra virgin) oils such as olive, coconut, canola, palm, and of course butter. The less healthy but still acceptable sources of oil are those high in omega-6 fatty acids (pro-inflammatory) such as safflower, sunflower, and peanut oils. The unhealthy oils are those containing trans fat such as shortening, and the anti-nutrient-rich soybean oil (aka vegetable oil).
  • Spreads! – Spreading delicious calorie-rich toppings on toast, crackers, pita, and any other carbohydrate source is an excellent way to increase caloric intake. Some good high-calorie spreads are guacamole, olive oil, cream cheese, hummus, butter, nut butters, sour cream, cheese slices, mayonnaise. Even better is to mix these with shredded meats like chicken or fish.

To lose weight:

Change your eating habits. Aim for three small meals and 2-3 snacks which consist of fruits and vegetables per day. Don’t drink sodas, sugar filled drinks or shakes. Do drink unsweetened tea or coffee and a lot of water. Focus on:

  • Vegetables – (broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, green beans, cucumbers).
  • Fruit -(oranges, peaches, plums, berries, watermelon).
  • Soups – Do NOT go for hearty cream soups. GO for broth-based soups. If you have trouble with edema or high blood pressure you may want to avoid all store-bought soup.
  • Spreads – Leave off spreads where ever you can. No mayo, or butter. The healthiest alternative is unrefined (extra virgin) olive oil but use it sparingly.


To gain weight: And TO lose weight:

Avoid unhealthy, high-calorie foods. Most important is to avoid trans fats, which increase your risk for disease. Foods that are high in trans fats are: pastry products, cakes, cookies, processed meats, margarine, shortening, and packaged snack foods.


To gain weight:

  • Weight train. This will not only help convert the additional calories into muscle rather than fat, but it will also stimulate your appetite. The added muscle will increase your metabolism, so you’ll need to consume more calories per day to maintain that weight. During the first month of weight training, you may experience tremendous gains if you are faithful to your schedule. However, also expect this to level off after this initiatory period (This is known in the bodybuilding world as a plateau). You overcome this by re-evaluating your weight and muscle mass, while altering your diet to include more food and heavier weights.

To lose weight:

  • Cardio Training – This will help to burn off the fat. Drink enough water to keep the body functioning properly. The more calories you burn during your cardio workout will help to lose weight. Try to work up to more miles and longer times.


To gain weight:

  • Eat more protein. Protein is essential for body function to build and repair muscle tissue. If you don’t consume enough protein from raw foods or protein supplements then gaining weight and building muscle will be unachievable. Those looking to gain weight should consume at least 1 gram of quality protein per pound of body weight.

To loose weight:

You want to eat less of everything but at the same time you don’t want to starve your body. If you starve your body, it will store your fat no matter what you do. So eat small portions of healthy protein.

 Almonds for everyone…

Add nuts to your diet. Nuts are a very convenient and a healthy snack so carry containers of nuts with you to snack on throughout the day for when you get hungry.

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Rejection is hard to face but everyone has encountered it at one point or another. I’ve been feeling down lately from the constant auditioning and lack thereof. Jobs are slower than ever. Maybe it’s the economy. Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s the industry. Maybe…who knows. I had this one job on my mind forever and I feel helpless. I went in for the audition but have not gotten called back. It’s a big project. I want it bad. What more can I do…? Hadn’t I done all I could do? Ask my agent to get me in again? I tried. No response yet. I try to remind myself to keep my head up.

Marilyn Monroe: Despite a rough upbringing and being told by modeling agents that she should instead consider being a secretary, Monroe became a pin-up, model and actress that still strikes a chord with people today.

Elvis Presley: Back in 1954, Elvis was still a nobody, and Jimmy Denny, manager of the Grand Ole Opry, fired Elvis Presley after just one performance telling him, “You ain’t goin’ nowhere, son. You ought to go back to drivin’ a truck.”

R. H. Macy: Most people are familiar with this large department store chain, but Macy didn’t always have it easy. Macy started seven failed business before finally hitting big with his store in New York City.

Albert Einstein: Einstein did not speak until he was four and did not read until he was seven, causing his teachers and parents to think he was mentally handicapped, slow and anti-social. Eventually, he was expelled from school and was refused admittance to the Zurich Polytechnic School. It might have taken him a bit longer, but most people would agree that he caught on pretty well in the end, winning the Nobel Prize and changing the face of modern physics.

Fred Astaire: In his first screen test, the testing director of MGM noted that Astaire, “Can’t act. Can’t sing. Slightly bald. Can dance a little.” Astaire went on to become an incredibly successful actor, singer and dancer and kept that note in his Beverly Hills home to remind him of where he came from.

Babe Ruth: You probably know Babe Ruth because of his home run record (714 during his career), but along with all those home runs came a pretty hefty amount of strikeouts as well (1,330 in all). In fact, for decades he held the record for strikeouts. When asked about this he simply said, “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”

Harland David Sanders: Perhaps better known as Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, Sanders had a hard time selling his chicken at first. In fact, his famous secret chicken recipe was rejected 1,009 times before a restaurant accepted it.

If Colonel Sanders can get rejected 1,008 times and still push forward then there is absolutely no reason for me to complain. As Babe Ruth put it “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run” I must get excited for the day my home run is made.

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New job in a new location.

It’s hard. All the work you done in the past may seem inconsequential. No one cares you were the star of the show where you came from, they want you to prove to them why they should even like you. If you ever changed high schools when you were a kid, now the entire world may seem to be that new highschool and everyday there is a new challenge to face in the work place.

Be open to learning the new way things are done. Sometimes this may mean you need to take a new class or just be observant of your peers.

Believe that the higher powers that be want you to succeed. They are rooting for you. Do your best and there’s no need to be nervous. They want you to come in and be their solution. So do them a favor and keep showing them that you are it. They need you as much as you need them.

Find who you click with. Friendly people are everywhere. Sometimes you have to look harder for them but look and you shall find a friend.

Don’t be afraid to fail. You may get an F on one test but the finale grade is not bestowed upon you until your dead, when life’s class has ended. So, as long as you are a live, and if your reading this I assume you are a live, keep striving for that A. Sometimes extra credit is needed.

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What to do for a Test Shoot

A test shoot is a photo shoot with a professional photographer which is only to be used for the purpose of everyone involved ( Model, Photographer, Hair-make up, Stylist) Portfolio. Before a test shoot I recommend having  all parties involved sign a waiver. 

Why have them sign a waiver? There are many cases where your test shoot photo may find its way in a magazine, sold as a poster, or put on a billboard. If you are new to modeling you may think this is a great thing! That’s what you dream of, to be in a magazine or put on a billboard! It can be great if you are being compensated for the use of that photo and the photo is being used in a positive image. You wouldn’t be so happy if your test shoot photo turned up on a billboard for a phone sex company without your consent.

The naive model trusts the photographer and everyone involved. It’s ok to trust but let’s be safe. I would have benefitted on many occasions to have them sign a waiver yet had never even thought of it. This has cost me around $100,000. So type up a waiver declaring the photos taken will only be used for their personal portfolio unless otherwise discussed with you beforehand and have everyone sign it for your records.

Make sure you have everything you might need for the test shoot the night before. Find out if there will be a stylist, hair and make up artist there. Usually the Photographer sets up the team. If everyone is already arranged and they don’t ask you to bring anything than all you need to do is show up. I like to get a pedicure and manicure before a test shoot with natural colors just because nails are a small detail test shoots usually overlook. Also, incase they do want to see your feet in sandals you wont feel embarrassed about your overgrown toe nails.  

However, there are some occasions when there is no stylist or hair-make up. If that’s the case for your test shoot, that you must do the styling and your own make up, ask the photographer where the photo’s will be taken and the idea he has. Then come up with the image you want for the pictures and collaborate with him. When its a photo shoot like this one, most likely a clean picture to show your natural beauty will come out nice.

Keeping hair and make up simple and natural is usually best. Barely there is key when doing it yourself. Trying too much with your own make up and hair usually never turns up good in photo’s since you are not a professional hair and make up artist. A little concealer around the eyes, to cover any blemish or discoloration, light mascara and some lip gloss should do the job.

If there is no stylist, wardrobe is yours and the photographers choice. An easy choice could be a pair of jeans and a tank top. The image there could be a simple jeans campaign, think Gap, Calvin Klien or American Eagle. Another choice if the photo is taken outside in day light could be an airy blouse with a feather weight skirt or trousers which move with the breeze. Think of ads for perfume or jewelry where the models seem to be in a tropical exotic place. The sky is blue and the wardrobe is lite.

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Model Portfolio

A models portfolio consists of pictures taken by professional photographers of the model to showcase to potential clients. Sometimes models will get hired from a picture alone without ever meeting the client first so it is necessary to have the best pictures possible.

If you are just starting out and do not have any professional pictures, sometimes a few Polaroid snapshots are enough to win over an agency. If a good modeling agency wants for you to model with them and you do not have a portfolio, they will begin to create one with you for ZERO cost to you. They will start to send you for test shoots. This means a free photo shoot where the resulting photo’s will be used for the sole purpose of the model and anyone else involved in the shoot’s (photographer, stylist, hair-make up) portfolio.

Once you get the photo’s from the test shoots and begin to book jobs, your portfolio will grow. The better the photos the higher your potential is to book better and better jobs. The better the jobs you begin to book and have in your portfolio the more chance you have to book an even bigger job.

What you think are great photos may not be to the fashion world. You may like your hair flipped to one side. You may like your make up the way you always do it. You may look great that way but for the purpose of booking certain jobs your way might be the wrong way. To find out what’s the right way to look in photos, search again into your natural self. Search through magazines, catalogs and find out where your picture could blend in. Figure out what jobs you will be going after and see if your photos match that company’s image.

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