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Stay the way you are?

Buddha was approached by a monk who asked ” How can I reach nirvana and become as enlightened as you?” Buddha replied “Your purpose in this life is to be a monk not to become buddha. You are perfect the way you are.” The monk went home and then killed himself. He’d give it a go in the next life. Buddha was deeply saddened. He didn’t mean for the monk to kill himself. Buddha would have to work hard, strive to explain better, so that was to never happen again.

The point? Everyone should work hard to be the best. Everyone should strive to become an excellent human being. Even Buddha had to work hard. No one is perfect. No one is born the best, the smartest, the most emotionally balanced and/or the most physically fit. Don’t lie to kids or adults and tell them to stay just the way they are. Tell them to work hard and strive to be excellent, to always better themselves, and always reach for the stars.


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Elite Model Management Japan


The office of Elite Model Management in Japan is much smaller than anywhere else. It’s run by only a few Japanese staff with only a few models. However, almost all there models get well-known in the industry and Elite Japan is considered a Top agency there. The Models are known to be paid higher than the competitor agencies.

A day in the life would be a stop at the agency to say “Hi” to all the great agents there. I would be dropped off at a photo shoot and a month later, there I would appear on stands throughout Japan on a Magazine.

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