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The glamorous side of modeling

Everyone has their own ideas about what it might be like to start booking modeling jobs. Some jobs can be hard and tiring and some can be more glamorous than others. Some jobs require you to travel. When I booked my Origins commercial, we shot it in Sydney Australia. Sydney is a beautiful city! Nature can be found all around. Amazing views where ever I looked.

I was booked to be in Sydney for one week. We only shot the commercial two days out of the week I was there. How you spend your free time is all up to you. If you are a more shy person you may opt to just stay around the hotel, visiting local restaurants and the grocery store. If you are outgoing like I am, you might try to make the most of every experience. I walked through the city, slept in the Botanical Gardens, took the ferry to Watson’s Bay and had dinners on the harbor. Traveling a lone is something a model needs to get used to. If you get homesick this might not sound so glamorous to you but for the person who loves to travel on their own, this will feel like a paid vacation.

When modeling you may book jobs where you get to meet celebrities. You might be more excited to meet a certain celebrities over another. Some celebrities maybe exactly how you imagined and others completely different. Some you hoped were kind could be mean, others you hoped were funny could be dull, some you thought seemed mean could be the kindest, and there could be a celebrity who makes you star struck. Try not to judge the celebrity, they are just people.

 Photo shoot with Takeuchi Yuko for Frau magazine.  Photo shoot with reality star Daisy Delahoya (from VH1’s Rock of Love reality show) for a magazine in Los Angeles.

 I got to meet Devon Aoki 🙂

And I got to meet Zoe Saldana!!

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