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Stay the way you are?

Buddha was approached by a monk who asked ” How can I reach nirvana and become as enlightened as you?” Buddha replied “Your purpose in this life is to be a monk not to become buddha. You are perfect the way you are.” The monk went home and then killed himself. He’d give it a go in the next life. Buddha was deeply saddened. He didn’t mean for the monk to kill himself. Buddha would have to work hard, strive to explain better, so that was to never happen again.

The point? Everyone should work hard to be the best. Everyone should strive to become an excellent human being. Even Buddha had to work hard. No one is perfect. No one is born the best, the smartest, the most emotionally balanced and/or the most physically fit. Don’t lie to kids or adults and tell them to stay just the way they are. Tell them to work hard and strive to be excellent, to always better themselves, and always reach for the stars.


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Male model evolution

  •   THE 80’S

Image Detail 

Jeff Aquilon one of the few to pioneer the term “Male Super Model” emerging in the early 1980s. He stands at 6’2. Little is known about him because back in those days male models were paid very little and no one documented much of anything because there was not much internet use.


 BRUCE HULSE He worked during the industry’s most glamorous and edgy era–the 80s and 90’s. He stands at 6’2

  • THE LATE 80’S ~ EARLY 90’S


Marcus Schenkenberg was discovered in 1989. He stands at 6’4.  Best known for his Calvin Klein ad.


Rick Dietz became famous by building Chippendales into a house hold brand. He changed his look and desire to be “model like.” In 1995 Herb Ritts shot the world wide campaign for Valentino and labled Dietz a “male supermodel.”  He stands at 6’3.

Image Detail 

Djimon Hounsou stands at 6’3, originated from Africa. He went to Paris and was homless until discoved by a fashion photographer in the 90’s. He has since graced the catwalks of Paris and London as a popular male model, been in numerous music videos and in several films.

  • THE MID 90’S


Mark Vanderloo  standing at 6’2 landed, by being in the right place at the right time, a national commercial for Holland’s dairy board in the early 1990’s. In 1994 he became Calvin Klein’s Obsession model. He then began the assault heading to Milan where he would end up being connected to what is now known as the Fab 4, who included good friend Alex Lundqvist.


Alex Lundqvist modeling career began in the summer of 1994. He stands at 6’0

  • EARLY 2000


 Lars Burmeister height 6’1, presence and strong looks were felt instantly by fashion observers and especially to photographer Craig McDean, who recruited him in 2004 as the spokes model for Hugo Boss.


 Robert Konjic stands at 6’1. He’s been hot since 2009.

  • 2012

          Image Detail

Clement Chabernaud height 6’0 was ranked #3 most sucessful model in 2012.

Mathias Lauridsen Mathias Lauridsen

Mathias Lauridsen was discovered in 2003. Stands at 6’1 and was recently named #1 most sucessful male model on but then was beaten by Sean O’Pry.


 Sean O’Pry  height 6’1. In June 2009, he was named the world’s most successful male model of 2009 by Forbes publications. He is currently the most successful male model in the world on

For me, I think they got it right in the 80’s.  Jeff Aquilon and Bruce Hulse are my favorite looking guys. There body’s are perfect! They look like naturally active, fit men. I’m also a fan of the 90’s models Djimon Hounsou and Mark Vanderloo. Sexy!!!  Why have the male models body type and facial features gotten more feminine in the past 30 years? I can’t wait when the 80’s & 90’s look comes back IN! As if, anywhere but in fashion, it was ever out.



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Gisele for Versace

 Although I am not a big fan of Gisele, I really like these photo’s of her for Versace. Many times I find her photos un-flattering but I really like this advertisement. The blue from the pool and sky along with her glistening skin is fantastic. Gisele at her best, makes me want to go shopping at Versace.

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Gemma Ward in Valentino

This is glamorous, sexy and elegant! The color and dramatic feel is brilliant. Best Valentino Ad!

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The glamorous side of modeling

Everyone has their own ideas about what it might be like to start booking modeling jobs. Some jobs can be hard and tiring and some can be more glamorous than others. Some jobs require you to travel. When I booked my Origins commercial, we shot it in Sydney Australia. Sydney is a beautiful city! Nature can be found all around. Amazing views where ever I looked.

I was booked to be in Sydney for one week. We only shot the commercial two days out of the week I was there. How you spend your free time is all up to you. If you are a more shy person you may opt to just stay around the hotel, visiting local restaurants and the grocery store. If you are outgoing like I am, you might try to make the most of every experience. I walked through the city, slept in the Botanical Gardens, took the ferry to Watson’s Bay and had dinners on the harbor. Traveling a lone is something a model needs to get used to. If you get homesick this might not sound so glamorous to you but for the person who loves to travel on their own, this will feel like a paid vacation.

When modeling you may book jobs where you get to meet celebrities. You might be more excited to meet a certain celebrities over another. Some celebrities maybe exactly how you imagined and others completely different. Some you hoped were kind could be mean, others you hoped were funny could be dull, some you thought seemed mean could be the kindest, and there could be a celebrity who makes you star struck. Try not to judge the celebrity, they are just people.

 Photo shoot with Takeuchi Yuko for Frau magazine.  Photo shoot with reality star Daisy Delahoya (from VH1’s Rock of Love reality show) for a magazine in Los Angeles.

 I got to meet Devon Aoki 🙂

And I got to meet Zoe Saldana!!

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