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Fun photo shoots

thats me Here I am arrived early.

waiting room All talent waiting in the make up room.

staff setting up They are setting up.

This was for a Sony shoot in Santa Monica, CA. I got to meet a lot of great people and talent. We all had a lot of fun. It took awhile to get the set up but they did it and all the talent danced the day away. Always great to have a fun shoot 🙂

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The New Nerd is Beautiful

The bigger the better for glasses. Bright colored rims are great! White, Pink, Purples are my favorite.


Faux Collar necklaces really transform an outfit! Mix a faux collar with a plain sweater or a lace blouse.


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Beware of Scams

Everyone gets those crazy emails, send us $1000 and we will send you $1,000,000! I thought, who would fall for these scams now-a-days!? Well some scams can seem more convincing than others. And recently I know too many people getting scammed.

Models get scammed all the time. By agents, photographers, casting. It happens all the time without many even suspecting anything wrong.


Could you spot the scam?

  •  So you wanted photos to update your portfolio. The photographer did that for you and got you some great shots all for free! You go on your happy way with these new updated great looking shots.
  1. The Problem; sometimes photographers will sell your photo to various publications without telling you or asking your permission. Your test photo could show up on an ad promoting something you are against and disagree with. Your photo could be sold for some money that would be rightfully yours.
  2. How to avoid ; Type up a simple waiver stating that these photos are only to be used for portfolio purposes unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by both parties involved. Have the photographer sign it.
  •  You don’t have an agent but you went on a casting and booked the job! The casting person tells you the job pays $1000! Your happy and excited to shoot!
  1. The Problem; If you don’t get a contract directly from whomever is actually hiring you (the client), you can’t be sure if the casting director isn’t pocketing some of that money that was meant for you. Sometimes casting will act as an Agent for a non represented person. Therefore they might be taking an agency fee from your pay.
  2. How to avoid; Ask the casting director to have the company hiring you to send a offical contract with all the details and payment stated. If they don’t do that, at least make sure there is some thing they can sign to prove you will be paid for your work. If it’s a written up form only by the casting they may be mis-representing themselves. But you don’t want to lose the job. So say OK and go and do the job. Once on set, ask the person in charge for a copy of their original contract between you and the company. Ask them if the casting director is acting as your agent. If the casting is acting as your agent without your permission they are most likely taking more than 20% of your earnings without your permission. Confront the casting directly. Most modeling agencies take a 20% cut from your earings and receive a 20% finders fee from the client for each job in the U.S. For TV acting/commercial work it’s usually 10%.
  • You have an agent and they call you to book you on jobs. You went and worked on the jobs. Your agent sent you a check in the mail. You are happy.
  1. The Problem; Some agencies tell their models the job is one price when it’s not true.
  2. How to avoid; Be as thorough as possible. Make sure they tell you exactly how much the job is, how much they will be taking out (10%~20%) and how much you are due. Ask for a copy of all contracts and keep them for your records.

Of course sometimes there are misunderstandings or exceptions.Maybe it’s not a scam. It’s best to keep an open mind and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But it’s always good to be organized and communicate clearly in order to get the best information and reduce your risk of being scammed.

My friend just the other day was scammed by one of those emails. This email was very good. Her friends email was hacked and sent her a letter saying him and his family went on a trip to Spain and got robbed. They had nothing left on them and needed some money to get back home. WIthout thinking she sent them money.

An old lady living by herself got a phone call from the hospital saying her son got hit by a car, was unconscious and had nothing on him except her number. They needed money in order to operate or he would die. She immediately sent them money.

There are scams everywhere. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s the scam. The best you can do is ask around before committing. If you get an emergency call about someone you know, once you hang up the phone try to call that person and/or someone who might be directly in contact with them (wife, girlfriend, best friend, another family member) to find out if it’s true. For the most part nothing needs to be done within the minute! Even if someone is dying at the hospital, the hospital won’t let them die because you didn’t deposit money to them this very minute.

If you are someone on the other end of things and are being put under suspicion, think what your part is. communicate in a calm manner the entire situation and how you see it’s supposed to work. Tell the full truth without aggression and there will be no suspicion. In today society with so many scams, everyone need to communicate fully and not vaguely or for good reason, you may be labeled a con.

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Gisele for Versace

 Although I am not a big fan of Gisele, I really like these photo’s of her for Versace. Many times I find her photos un-flattering but I really like this advertisement. The blue from the pool and sky along with her glistening skin is fantastic. Gisele at her best, makes me want to go shopping at Versace.

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Gemma Ward in Valentino

This is glamorous, sexy and elegant! The color and dramatic feel is brilliant. Best Valentino Ad!

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All Natural

 I love how natural these photos are. I love the lighting. You can really see the model as they might look in person with little make up. Natural and beautiful.

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Live like a model

Some models can fake it but let’s be the real deal. Live the model life. Live with true confidence, enjoy in the beautiful moments and hope for a bright day and future. Every person can better themselves. No one is above learning something new, so keep an opened mind.

No matter where you are in the world, you are always with yourself. So love yourself. Get to know who you are. Love who you are.You can learn new and interesting aspects of your character each day. Laugh at yourself when you make mistakes, smile at yourself when you are going through hard times, don’t beat yourself up instead comfort yourself and allow yourself to be your own best friend.

Be interested in life and all of humanity. There is so much beauty to explore in humanity. If you are interested in the struggles of all men, it’s very hard to be cruel or self-centered. Being cruel and self-centered will limit your creative ability. If you know of your own struggles be compassionate to the struggles of others.

Surround yourself with beauty and creativity. You can start with your home. Decorate your interior walls and furniture to inspire your inner artist. Look through home designs and art catalogues. Get ideas from these type of publications to spiff up your living courtiers.

Get some plants. Flowers are great to grow. Not only are they beautiful, they can fill your house with sweet-smelling aroma. I was told that by inhaling the scent of a flower helps to stimulate brain activity to help you learn new tasks and ideas. Some of my favorite smelling flowers to grow are roses and gardenia.

Have your own fashion style. This comes from knowing yourself and what style fits you best. What type of clothes makes your body look the best it can and emphasises your best features while staying true to your personality? Always have some great essential, go to item in your closet. A great pair of heals, a pair of jeans that elongates the legs, a plain tank top, a fabulous dress, and the perfect sweater are the go to items I keep in my closet.

Reward yourself every time a goal is met. If your goal was to lose a couple of kilograms and you did, reward yourself with a little sweet treat you desire. If your goal was to take a model walking class and you singed up and finished the class, practice your new-found walk and attitude up to the nail salon and reward yourself with a manicure. It’s a healthy habit to reward yourself when you finish an accomplishment to keep you motivated. By rewarding yourself after the accomplishment you always have something to look forward to and you will be quicker to move on to your next goal.

The check list to go over; do you have a sense of yourself, treat yourself like your own best friend, have all the essential fashion items, decorated your home, smell flowers when you wake, find beauty everywhere you go, compassionate and kind to others always and reward yourself after every accomplishment in order to help you to persevere? If you answered yes, then you are living like a model; Fabulous.

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