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Vogue magazine bans thin and young models

I agree with regulating young models because society should not sexualize young girls. However, I totally disagree with them banning thin models in the industry. Everyone wants to say what weight is healthy, yet the truth is no one really knows if being a size 0 or being a size 4 or being a size 8, which is healthy? We are still finding out what’s the healthiest way to eat. Meat? No meat? A lot of tests have concluded that if you eat just 1 piece of meat a week your risk of prematurely dying increases.

I am VERY healthy. I never get sick, catch a cold or have ever had any problem physically. My father on the other hand suffers from many health related issues and always has. His BMI would be considered “healthy” and mine “too low”. I eat almost Vegetarian except I love fish. And I eat A LOT of Veggies throughout the day (fresh organic juices) and exercise regularly but not overly. About 3 times a week.

I have alway been told I look anorexic. Since I was a kid. I have been teased for it and yet I have always eaten and physically been stronger and healthier than any of my friends who would be considered “healthy” because the truth is if you don’t eat right and exercise no matter your size or weight you are NOT HEALTHY. I think the problem is people and even Vogue are not educated on health.

A lot of muscles doesn’t mean your healthy. Look at the people who live the longest, the Japanese, the Tibetans, not muscular. Being bigger rather than smaller doesn’t mean you are healthy. Being thin doesn’t mean you are healthy but neither does being “Normal”.

When the industry makes bans such as this, although they will try to select girls they think are Ok and just not hire ones they think have an eating disorder, this will greatly put prejudice on thin girls even if they are healthy. More naturally thin girls will try to over eat making them actually sick. I tried this when I was a teen because I was constantly told I was too thin. I ate triple the amount of food my friends did and it only made me feel sick, lethargic, foggy and I finally decided that type of behavior was harming myself. Over eating is just as harmful as eating too little.

I have been a model for many years and ever since the start of the industry declaring larger sized women are healthy and blaming thin models as bad “role models” I have felt a decrease in work and a prejudice toward any girl who is a size 0. Why cant the world except every woman for who they are? Why does the world always try to say one way is better than the other when they don’t even really know. All women from size 0 to a size 20, from 4′  to 6’5 should all be excepted and not be put down and pushed out of sight!!

Let’s face it, models get paid a lot of money to be exceptional just as any sports athlete is expected to be exceptional. If you want to be a professional athlete it usually comes down to genetics and how hard you worked on your talents. And just because a couple of athletes are caught with steroids doesn’t mean you should ban all talented athletes from the game. The same should be for models. If people find that thin models are bad role models for young girls to see, people should educate those young girls on health. This world has all types of people. Banning one kind, out of people’s sight, for whatever reason, size, shape, height, skin color, religion, is not the way to solve any problem.


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