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Healthy weight gain

While my entire family and friends try to lose the pounds, for the last week I have been trying to gain. I feel discouraged as I have not gained 1 single pound. My friends are baffled. My family is over it.

I have usually eaten 2000 calories a day. In order to gain I must eat at least 500 calories more each day. I’ve stopped all cardio exercising and will just focus on weight training to gain pounds.

Since I have always been a size 0 and now it seems size 0 is out in the industry and EVERYONE has been telling me I look unhealthy, I’ve decide to try to get bigger but in a healthy manner. Is this possible? I tend to store fat around my stomach and never in my legs, arms or hips. I want to get a flatter, more toned stomach at the same time gain weight…I have been lifting weights and counting calories to make sure I am in taking enough calories to gain. I am and still want to stay a pescatarian, a vegetarian but I also eat fish, putting on the pounds can be tricky

My goal: A size 2.

This morning I went to Ihop. I didn’t exactly order extremely healthy today (the red velvet pancakes) and this could put on unwanted fat around my stomach…but hopefully that will turn to muscle during my weight training.


2 eggs scrambled (added bellpeppers and onion) with hash browns with the red velvet pancake combo ( i opted for no meat) – roughly 1000 calories

OJ – 100calories

=1100 calories for Breakfast


1Tortia – 150calories

with 3 pieces of melted cheese -330 calories

with Tahini spread – 90 calories

with an egg – 65 calories

and I ate natto on the side ( this might sound gross to most but Natto is really healthy and has always been one of my favorite foods. It’s a Japanese thing) – 373 calories

a glass of coconut almond milk by almond breeze unsweetened – 45 calories

=1053 calories for Lunch

I just lifted weights

Legs – squats(3 sets of 10 with two 15 pound dumbbells), Lunges (3 sets of 10 with two 15 pound dumbbells), Leg extension machine ( 3 sets of 10 with 30 pound weight)

Arms – dumbbell curls ( 3 set of 8 with 10 pounds), Bar curls ( 3 set of 10 with 5 pound weight on each side of the bar), Bar Row (3 sets of 10 with 5 pound weight on each side of the bar)

Stomach – Lower ab leg lifts ( 3 sets of 20), Inclined sit ups ( 3 sets of 30)

= I lifted as heavy as I could, I felt a burn during the lifting but now I feel absolutely fine. I stretched before and after. I’m not sure how many calories I’ve burned but I still have dinner to go. Maybe that will be another 1000 calorie meal or at the lowest 500 calories depending on where I go tonight.

So far Breakfast and Lunch I have eaten roughly 2153 calories. I am usually averaging 2500 -3000 calories a day. A big fish with some grilled veggies and a salad sound great to me for dinner. That should bring me to over 2500 calories for the day.

If you don’t struggle to gain but are like the rest of my family and want to lose, this way of eating might be right for you too. Ditch the junk food that my brother always stashes. Opt for clean foods, and maybe even consider going Vegetarian. But unlike me, instead of weights, jump on the treadmill. You may have to restrict yourself from the red velvet pancakes and choose the egg white omelet but like they say “no pain no gain” or maybe in your case no lose.


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Loosing weight vs Gaining weight

It’s all hard! Maintaining the “perfect” or “ideal” body weight, while keeping healthy, for everyone is hard. Most people in America struggle with loosing weight. However, there are a lot of others who struggle with gaining. I am one of those people who struggle to gain weight. My goal is to gain 10lbs. I want to do it in a healthy way. My friend wants to lose 10lbs.  Let’s see who will get there first. How should we go about it?


To gain weight :

Eat more calories. Calculate how many calories you were eating each day. Now add at least 500 calories per day more.

To lose weight:

Eat fewer calories. Calculate how many calories you eat per day. Now decrease at least 500 calories per day.


To gain weight:

Change your eating habits. Aim for three large meals and 2-3 hefty snacks per day. Drink shakes, milk, or juice. No coffee, tea or diet anything. Focus on:

  • Breads – hearty and dense (whole wheat, oat bran, pumpernickel, rye) are more nutritious than white bread; cut thick slices and spread generously with peanut butter, jam, honey, hummus, or cream cheese.
  • Vegetables – look for starchy vegetables (potatoes, peas, corns, carrots, winter squash, beets) in addition to watery vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, green beans, cucumbers).
  • Fruit – choose dense fruit (bananas, pears, apples, pineapple, dried fruit) over watery fruit (oranges, peaches, plums, berries, watermelon).
  • Soups – Go for hearty cream soups instead of broth-based soups. If you have trouble with edema or high blood pressure you may want to avoid all store-bought soup.
  • Added oils – in cooking, add a generous amount of oil. The healthiest oils are unrefined (extra virgin) oils such as olive, coconut, canola, palm, and of course butter. The less healthy but still acceptable sources of oil are those high in omega-6 fatty acids (pro-inflammatory) such as safflower, sunflower, and peanut oils. The unhealthy oils are those containing trans fat such as shortening, and the anti-nutrient-rich soybean oil (aka vegetable oil).
  • Spreads! – Spreading delicious calorie-rich toppings on toast, crackers, pita, and any other carbohydrate source is an excellent way to increase caloric intake. Some good high-calorie spreads are guacamole, olive oil, cream cheese, hummus, butter, nut butters, sour cream, cheese slices, mayonnaise. Even better is to mix these with shredded meats like chicken or fish.

To lose weight:

Change your eating habits. Aim for three small meals and 2-3 snacks which consist of fruits and vegetables per day. Don’t drink sodas, sugar filled drinks or shakes. Do drink unsweetened tea or coffee and a lot of water. Focus on:

  • Vegetables – (broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, green beans, cucumbers).
  • Fruit -(oranges, peaches, plums, berries, watermelon).
  • Soups – Do NOT go for hearty cream soups. GO for broth-based soups. If you have trouble with edema or high blood pressure you may want to avoid all store-bought soup.
  • Spreads – Leave off spreads where ever you can. No mayo, or butter. The healthiest alternative is unrefined (extra virgin) olive oil but use it sparingly.


To gain weight: And TO lose weight:

Avoid unhealthy, high-calorie foods. Most important is to avoid trans fats, which increase your risk for disease. Foods that are high in trans fats are: pastry products, cakes, cookies, processed meats, margarine, shortening, and packaged snack foods.


To gain weight:

  • Weight train. This will not only help convert the additional calories into muscle rather than fat, but it will also stimulate your appetite. The added muscle will increase your metabolism, so you’ll need to consume more calories per day to maintain that weight. During the first month of weight training, you may experience tremendous gains if you are faithful to your schedule. However, also expect this to level off after this initiatory period (This is known in the bodybuilding world as a plateau). You overcome this by re-evaluating your weight and muscle mass, while altering your diet to include more food and heavier weights.

To lose weight:

  • Cardio Training – This will help to burn off the fat. Drink enough water to keep the body functioning properly. The more calories you burn during your cardio workout will help to lose weight. Try to work up to more miles and longer times.


To gain weight:

  • Eat more protein. Protein is essential for body function to build and repair muscle tissue. If you don’t consume enough protein from raw foods or protein supplements then gaining weight and building muscle will be unachievable. Those looking to gain weight should consume at least 1 gram of quality protein per pound of body weight.

To loose weight:

You want to eat less of everything but at the same time you don’t want to starve your body. If you starve your body, it will store your fat no matter what you do. So eat small portions of healthy protein.

 Almonds for everyone…

Add nuts to your diet. Nuts are a very convenient and a healthy snack so carry containers of nuts with you to snack on throughout the day for when you get hungry.

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